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Welcome at is a platform for professionals who join forces contributing to the development of people, organizations and society. Ton Voogt. Joanne Zhang, Wufeng Tan, Lily Chen partner in The Inspire Group in China. Choon-Neo Siow partners in Singapore. Wilson cooperates as a consultant. Even Gong writes blogs. Frans van Gunsteren draws from a long technical and managerial career.

Awareness, conditions and a quick scan for successful cooperation.

Is cooperation really the best way to achieve your own goal? The first answer is often 'yes'. But sometimes it is better to claim all the winnings and not give the other party anything, or to give them everything.


"It is a scientific amusement park you can enter for a fee and find unexpected new experiences, ideas, and practices". (dr. Wim van Beers)

"A comprehensive management book about cooperation. Nine factors explained with vivid examples. A quick scan to test your organization. A handy scheme for implementations and eliciting cases". (dr. Peter Zomer)

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The Inspire Group: partnership in China

Joanne Zhang, Ton Voogt, Lily Chen and Wufeng Tan are partners in Training and Consulting in China.

We inspired each other and clients we serve. The portfolio focusses on Self Management; Inspirational Leadership en Cooperation in organizations.

Our vision in three words: Cooperate, Commit and Connect.

People life and work best when they are connected to their own sources of inspiration and commit to others and their inspiration to cooperate for mutual benefits.

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New Blogs

Ton Voogt

For a winning team you need all perfect outstanding individuals. Is this enough? Or can you make a winning team on other conditions? Many teams did in the football Word Championship. The 'stars' were the teams. The Dutch trainer knows

how to make a winning team ...

Frans van Gunsteren

During our holiday month, August, in Holland, I had to make a print of my new contract with McKinsey, sign it and send it electronically to Shanghai and Berlin. I asked our neighbors in Dordrecht where to print. They had no clue.

After checking the ...
China's challenges ...
China Paradoxes in Innovation, Quality and Acceptance, ...

Even Gong

I think I did a good job as a manager in my first year especially in  building good relationship with my team members. Listen to their concerns and help them find ways to solve problems…however

I’ve never really thought through the question: ...

Jan Cees van Westering tweet

Don't be afraid! ...

New Essays

Frans van Gunsteren

Chinese Characteristics. ...

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